Christian Pfeiffer and Troy Toth combined for 17 Amherst points in varsity action on Jan. 23.

But the Comets were thoroughly dominated by their Lakewood opponents, who leaped out to a 22-10 first period lead and followed star shooter Raekwon Whitfield to a 69-36 final victory.

The junior varsity squad fared better but still fell 48-39. Jason Monos led the Comets with 17 points.


A 43-35 road victory over Lakewood helped boost the Comets girls on Jan. 24.

Marissa Gillam put 15 points on the board for Amherst, all from threes, and Kate Iliff added 11 more to the tally.

After dominating 16-8 in the first stanza, Amherst was neck-and-neck with Lakewood in 8-8, 8-8, and 11-11 quarters.


Amherst defeated Firelands 1,546-1,352 on the lanes Jan. 23.

Amherst Steele Series: Alexis Goldthorpe 321, Breanna Csubak 270, Jessica Bowman 242, Katelyn Romancak 242, Meghan Arnold 207.

Firelands Series: Juliana Phillips 280, Angelina Rivera 218, Miriam Lexie Hughs 210, Arilyne Stanziano 202, Tessa Kasper 200.

Amherst Steele High Game: Alexis Goldthorpe 190.

Firelands: Juliana Phillips 141.

The North Olmsted Eagles won 1,900-1,621 over Amherst on Jan. 24.

Amherst Series: Alexis Goldthorpe 297, Jessica Bowman 296, Breanna Csubak 262, Katelynn Romancak 261, Meghan Arnold 229.

North Olmsted Series: Meghan Hardin 398, Hannah Groden 362, Jordan Giraldo 328, Taylor Stergar 272, Makayla Johnson 213.

Amherst High Game: Alexis Goldthorpe 175.

North Olmsted High Game: Meghan Hardin 224.


The Comets took down the Falcons 2,340-1,841 on Jan. 23.

Amherst Steele Series: Kyle Dull 433, Alejandro Pena 418, Ryan Hannah 408, Jacob Parks 384, Jonathon Ellis 384.

Firelands Series: John Mullins 393, Matthew Lake 318, Brian Smith 305, Ian Hughey 251, Caleb Hewett 242.

Amherst High Game: Ryan Hannah 242.

Firelands High Game: John Mullins 199.

North Olmsted won a Jan. 24 contest 2,433-2,000.

Amherst Series: Jonathon Ellis 357, Kyle Dull 355, Ryan Hannah 336, Alejandro Pena 311, Jacob Parks 304.

North Olmsted Series: Joeu Hardin 477, George Trapletti 462, Matt Hull 406, Logan McClain 406, John Jones 290.

Amherst High Game: Kyle Dull 194.

North Olmsted High Game: Joey Harfon 244.