Jacob Kramer notched four goals and two assists Monday as the Comets rode roughshod over Bay, 10-2.

Michael Giannuzzi had two goals and four assists, while Tyler Waldecki slammed two into the net and assisted twice more.

Six of the Amherst boys’ goals came in their first period on the ice.


Midview topped Amherst 1,943-1,904 on Monday.

Amherst High Series: Ryan Hannah 400, Kyle Dull 336, Alejandro Pena 305, Jonathon Ellis 276, Jacob Parks 272.

Midview High Series: Joseph Harrison 453, Dylan Daniels 31, Sam Madamma 291, Colby Hamilton 276, Logan Denger 266.

Amherst High Game: Ryan Hannah 225.

Midview High Game: Joseph Harrison 256.


The Middies defeated the Comets 1,848-1,746 on the lanes Monday.

Amherst Series: Breanna Csubak 341, Katelynn Romancak 311, Alexis Goldthorpe 308, Jessica Bowman. 260, Meghan Arnold 230.

Midview Series: Elizabeth Haught 347, Faith Hamilton 330, Kerissa Haught 302, Cheyenne Stambaugh 293, Morgan Moraco 247.

Amherst High Game: Katelynn Romancak 197.

Midview High Game: Elizabeth Haught 180.


The Comets lost 42-31 to Ross High School on Saturday in varsity wrestling action.

Brandon Bratovich, Tim Carrion, Clay Carpenter, and Matt Lee (pin, 47 seconds) had wins to lead the Amherst grapplers.

Oak Harbor also found a 45-33 victory in Saturday. This time, Lee had a 13-second pin and Bratovich, Carrion, and Carpenter also all enjoyed wins.


A six-point first quarter all but sank the Amherst varsity boys Friday as they struggled to play catch-up with Westlake.

The Comets’ pressure defense helped them pull within a single point by the end of the third quarter, but the Demons went on to win 57-50 — mostly on the strength of Westlake’s Anthony Rego, who was a threat from the outside and racked up 20 points.