GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY: Postseason ends at Boardman, Johnson is top finisher

Staff Report

The Amherst girls cross country team finished 17th of 25 teams Saturday in the regional meet at Boardman High School.

The Comets missed one of the coveted top eight spots to qualify for the state meet. The team ran a solid race, beating district rivals Strongsville and Rocky River by between 50 and 100 points, when those teams had been only three and 11 points away from the Comets just the week before.

Leah Johnson was again the Comets’ first girl across the line, finishing 52nd in the team race. Kalyn Potyrala, Cara Giannuzzi, and Alicia DelValle all finished close together in 85th, 95th, and 96th places.

Freshman Victoria Bailey and senior Bridgette Wadge were next for Amherst at Boardman, finishing 147th and 148th. Senior Ashley Hill’s 165th place completed the varsity team at the regional finals.

Amherst ended its season with 185 wins and 78 losses, having finished third in both the Southwestern Conference and district meets.

Staff Report