FOOTBALL: Smiths, Scagliozzo put on a good show

Staff Report

Forget keeping up with the Joneses — Friday night it was all about the power of the Smiths.

Senior Jeremy Smith had touchdowns one and two to put the Comets on a solid path.

But by the end of 48 regulation minutes, the Westlake Demons had pulled ahead 56-34 for the win in a competitive Southwestern Conference game.

Smith powered the ball in from four yards out at the top of the first quarter, then helped Amherst pull ahead 14-7 five minutes later on a two-yard push.

Sophomore running back Cairo Smith was the next Comet to cross the goal line, tying it at 21 with a one-yard TD play in the second quarter.

Down by seven after the half, Amherst again trusted Jeremy Smith to put it in the end zone from eight yards out.

Westlake put two more on the board. Khennedy Scagliozzo, whose sophomore showing has been great to watch this season, had the Comets’ final touchdown of the evening. In the fifth ground TD of the night, he went eight yards.

The season ends Friday at home against the Lakewood Rangers (0-9, winless in the SWC). Game time is 7 p.m.

Staff Report