Despite loss, alumni game was win-win

Daniel Gilkerson a 2004 graduate of Steele High Schoo, fights for ground yards.

Draake Thompson, a 2012 Amherst grad, runs around the Sailors defense.

Alumni quarterback Ryan Coughlin, a 1999 grad, is smothered by the Vermilion defense.

Jon Pippert, a 2004 grad, is brought down after a short run in the first.

Photos by Randy Meyers | Amherst News-Times

The game may have been for charity, but when Amherst and Vermilion alumni met Saturday on the gridiron “for fun,” they sure made it look like a serious contest. The Sailors alumni led 33-0 at the half and extended the lead to 45-0 by the final whistle.

But none of that seemed to matter to players who had noble charities on their minds — the game at Sailorway Stadium raised cash for the Amherst Quarterback Club and the family of six-year-old Xander Cormier of Vermilion, who died in May of an asthma attack. Because Xander loved superheroes, attendees were asked to wear capes and cowls to show support for the Cormiers. Many wore shirts and gear featuring Captain America, who was Xander’s favorite hero.

The Amherst players (29 suited up) raised $1,700 with $400 going to the Cormier family, said city councilman and event organizer Steve Bukovac.