Trump is the president

To the editor:

President Donald Trump is our president and we should all root for him to succeed in doing what is best for all Americans, even though on the very day former President Barack Obama had been sworn in as America’s first black president, many Republicans cheered when Sen. Mitch McConnell expressed publicly that he was rooting for Obama to fail.

Trump is our president because he was duly elected, though Hillary Clinton received far more of the popular vote than he and many of us aren’t convinced that the legal process is indeed the better way to choose our president. Still, Trump is our president and we want him to succeed less in making America great again than in making America greater than ever.

Trump succeeds almost daily in minimizing his past questionable behaviors by saying things more troubling each day. Speaking to a large audience this Monday, he characterized half of those in attendance at his speech to the nation in January as un-American and treasonous because they generally did not join in with the other half, Republicans, in cheering in support of his policies.

To the few who at best may be mentally unstable or worst unhinged in our society, it is extremely dangerous for the president to use that language. The sick may hear what the president said as the signal, the clarion call to act, to gain eternal fame by defending the commander-in-chief and hurting or killing others.

Trump should not get a pass by defenders by their saying that he was merely hyperbolizing, that they would not have said that, and that Trump was just firing up his base and rightfully should have criticized Democrats for not embracing his policies. Never should half the members of the other party or half the nation be targeted as un-American or treasonous because they publicly disagree with President Trump.

Booker C. Peek