Removal of Chief Wahoo a bad idea

To the editor:

Never in my lifetime did I ever think such a terrible thing would be possible. I find it almost unbelievable that anyone would ever find Chief Wahoo offensive. Where do they come up with Chief Wahoo being derogatory or racist? Do they ever stop to think it’s actually an honor?

I totally understand (Larry) Dolan’s need to make a few more million by having the All-Star game being played in Cleveland in 2019. I find it also hard to believe they bowed to the very few who complained. I truly hope all Wahoo defenders will strongly come out of the woodwork! I don’t think the owner ever thought about how many millions have been hurt by it being removed.

Those very, very few who for some reason found it offensive should just get over it! Why is it all of a sudden offensive? It’s been on the uniforms since 1947.

Ted Hyde