Dietrich has shown dedication

To the editor:

Having lived in Amherst my entire life and served as its safety and service director for eight years, I have been a part of maintaining and improving the quality of life of our citizens. In order for a community to grow and prosper, it must have good leadership in government and the services it provides.

Our current Amherst city council president, John Dietrich, has demonstrated that his first priority is the well-being of all of our citizens and the success of our businesses, our schools and our civic organizations. Anyone can find the answer to day-to-day problems by making a phone call, but it takes dedication and service to dig in and help solve situations that are unfamiliar and sometimes complicated. John Dietrich has served us well as our council president for 22 years. He works well with the administration and the employees of each department, including our fire and police, to ensure we have the best services they can provide. John deserves our vote for reelection and we deserve his service and dedication.

Please join me in voting and reelecting John Dietrich to Amherst city council president.

Sherrill “Cookie” McLoda