Who can best preserve Amherst’s character?

To the editor:

I write this letter in support of Matt Nahorn’s candidacy for Amherst city council. I am 91 and have lived in Amherst since 1951 with my wife Marjorie, a third-generation Amherstonian. We raised two children here while I commuted to Avon Lake to work as a chemist. Proximity to amenities combined with small-town flavor made Amherst a great place to live and raise a family.

The leaders we elect will determine whether Amherst is able to preserve its unique character and desirable attributes amidst growth and change. One would be hard-pressed to find a more sincere and dedicated individual than Matt Nahorn to take on this challenge. I’ve known Matt and his family for years. His life has been characterized by academic excellence, a strong work ethic, a good moral compass, and a commitment to community service. The Old Spring, Amherst and Brownhelm historical societies, and historic Shupe homestead are some beneficiaries of Matt’s hard work. As curator of the New Indian Ridge Museum and editor of its newsletter, he has done much to preserve and share the history of our area. He is extremely knowledgeable about natural resources and environmental issues, as well as the workings of government.

Amherst is fortunate to have a young man of Matt Nahorn’s caliber running for council, and I urge you to vote for him on Nov. 7.

George A. Small