Neidert helped fix finances

To the editor:

Remember when the schools were always asking for levies, the state advised us we were running close to fiscal emergency?

Well, Valerie Neidert worked hard and helped get all that fixed as a member of the school board for eight years. She is asking for your support to return to the school board to work and make our schools and community even better.

For years, I called Val “The heart of the school board.” She has a degree in business, 20 years in financial management for private companies, and a measurable record of success helping our schools, not only with levy campaigns and new buildings but also on PTO and the Athletic Boosters. I worked with her for years as fellow members of CFAS and vouch for Val’s passion and care for the students, families, and teachers.

I ask for your help returning Valerie to the Amherst school board. Vote Neidert on Nov. 7.

Chuck Winiarski

Amherst City Councilman, Ward 3