Nahorn impresses in person

To the editor:

Having moved back to my hometown of Amherst from Colorado, I was finally able to meet Matt Nahorn in person. Previously I had only met him through reading articles about his work in local historic preservation and environmental issues around Northern Ohio.

After touring Matt Nahorn’s museum and learning about the efforts he continues to make toward creating a better environment for not only Amherst residents but all who live here, I am confident he would work for the people of Amherst if elected to city council. Matt is continuing to build a small business helping to serve residents having concerns on land-use issues, and how their use of land affects water quality and erosion issues, just to name a few.

With experience living across the country and now opening a small business in my hometown, I can confidently recommend Matt Nahorn for Amherst city council. Matt is as fine a human being as anyone I have encountered. Thank you for considering his candidacy.

Cynthia A. Kohart