Wasilk’s service has been superb

To the editor:

Simply having been elected to a position does not always mean a political candidate has done the job and has earned re-election or promotion. I have spent many hours walking throughout Amherst over this past year. The response to Jennifer Wasilk’s public service has been superb.

Mrs. Wasilk is a model public servant. She keeps her constituents well-informed through the information that she continually disseminates. Mrs. Wasilk also seamlessly answers our inquiries, and if she is not entirely sure of the answer, she works diligently to learn the proper information. She clearly cares about her constituents, listens to our concerns and questions, and acts on our behalf.

It is evident that as a councilwoman Mrs. Jennifer Wasilk has demonstrated her dedication to the people of Amherst and has earned promotion to the position of Amherst city council president.

Matthew W. Nahorn