Heberling is a relatable candidate

To the editor:

I am a current Avon Lake city councilman, but more importantly a lifelong friend of Ward 4 council candidate Marty Heberling. Avon Lake is in many ways like Amherst. Our communities take tremendous pride in hard work, raising our families, and protecting our infrastructure. For those reasons, I strongly support Marty Heberling for Amherst’s Ward 4 city council.

Marty is first and foremost a family man. Nothing is more important to him than providing for his wife and son and seeing to it that the town in which his family lives prospers and grows. He is the only candidate in this race that has the real-life experiences that reflect many of Amherst’s residents. Whether it is paying his mortgage, signing his little boy up for recreation baseball, or putting in the extra hours at work to make ends meet, Marty’s values and responsibilities most closely match voters’.

In local politics, real life experience matters far more than any party affiliation. People want to know if their councilman can truly relate to the angst and issues that affect families and seniors. Marty understands hardships as his family endured what no family should ever have to. The residents of Amherst rallied around his family and that love helped turn the Heberling family story into a truly remarkable one.

The residents of Amherst know Marty’s character and what he represents. Marty understands the people and issues in Ward 4 because he shares their values and neighborhood experiences. When they cast their ballots, they should ask themselves, “Which of these two candidates can most relate to my neighborhood and my family’s needs”? The choice is clear — vote Martin M. Heberling III for Ward 4 council on Nov. 7.

David Kos