Council misinformation is being circulated

To the editor:

In the Sept. 14 edition of the Amherst News-Times, there was a second letter to the editor concerning my appointment as president of city council pro tempore (the position that acts for the president of city council in his absence). This letter will allow correction of that information.

When I was nominated by the council president in 2012 to fill the pro tempore position, no nominations were made by the members of council present that evening. Seeing that there were no nominations forthcoming, the council president – my current opponent – forthwith announced that he was nominating me, Jennifer Wasilk, to that position. I was honored by his trust because he and I are of different political parties; as described by the two letter writers, nominations to this position are typically made along party lines. Despite this difference in parties, my current opponent entrusted me to run city council during his subsequent absences. I continue to hold that position and have continued to substitute as city council president on numerous occasions.

The appointment that was made in 2013 by the council president was to the chair of the finance committee. This appointment was made directly by the council president. My predecessor as finance committee chairman had resigned that position to begin serving as judge in the Lorain County County Court of Common Pleas. Because of the importance of that position, appointments to the finance committee chairmanship are typically of the same party as the council president. Again despite this difference in parties, my current opponent entrusted me to this chairmanship and has since re-appointed me twice.

I appreciate the thoroughness of the two letter-writers and this opportunity to correct the record.

Jennifer Wasilk

Amherst City Councilwoman

Candidate for Amherst City Council President