Setting the record straight

To the editor:

In the Sept. 7 edition of the Amherst News-Times, there was a letter to the editor from an Amherst third ward resident that contains several factual errors. This letter corrects those errors.

First, I began serving as council president pro-tem after being appointed to that position by the current council president in January 2013. No vote was taken. This appointment was made without vote of council and was made directly by the council president. My predecessor had been elected to the court of common pleas in November 2012. He resigned as council president pro-tem to begin serving as common pleas judge in January 2013. My current opponent therefore had trust and confidence in me to effectively act on his behalf during his subsequent absences from council.

Second, I was honored by being twice elected as council president pro-tem by my fellow city council members in 2014 and 2016. Both times, the majority of the city council members voted to elect me as president pro-tem.

However I do concur with the writer of the previous letter on several points. Amherst citizens should be wary of misinformation appearing in both letters to the editor and political literature. I urge all voters to check the facts before voting and encourage all letter writers to check the facts before writing.

Jennifer Wasilk

Amherst City Councilwoman

Candidate for Amherst City Council President