Political flier has wrong info

To the editor:

Received a political handout on my front porch regarding the upcoming election for city council president. This flyer is purposely missing something on the subject of council president pro-tempore.

The pro-tempore is elected by council members, and is always by the party with the most members. If the majority was Democrat, a Democrat was elected. If the majority was Republican, a Republican was elected. The current council president John Dietrich is not involved in that voting process but he has to appoint whomever the current council elects.

Now I get a handout that says the council elects the pro-tempore and does not mention the president of council involvement at all. I find this rather odd.

The author of this flyer is currently running for a political office. She most certainly has been on council long enough to know the proper/correct procedure on how the pro-tempore is elected and then appointed. Hmmm, I find this rather odd.

Food for thought?

Sally Cornwell