Ohioans deserve clean water

To the editor:

Access to clean air and water is critical to the success of our country, state, and community. In our community, we depend on the lake for access to fishing, boating, swimming, and other activities. In addition to recreational activities, many in Amherst depend on Lake Erie for their livelihoods. Unfortunately, much of that is at risk through President Donald Trump’s proposed budget. This budget eliminates the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, a program tasked with ensuring a healthy and prosperous Great Lakes.

In 2015, Lake Erie experienced its largest outbreak of toxic algae on record and the Ohio River had a nearly 700 mile stretch of toxic algae. Reducing pollutants entering our waterways will not only protect Ohioans’ drinking water, but reduce the cost of treatment at drinking water facilities and the cost residents must pay to clean their drinking water, some of whom cannot currently afford to pay their water bills.

Like Ohio’s waterways, Ohio’s water infrastructure also is at tipping point. According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, there is a $12.2 billion need to modernize Ohio’s drinking water infrastructure.

Without access to clean water, we are in a real mess. I call on the Trump administration to protect our water and ensure a healthy and prosperous future for all.

Joe Miller

Amherst City Council Member