Ohio Senate should reject HB 554

To the editor:

As a concerned citizen I want to do all that’s possible to protect this planet for my children and all future generations. We should be able to look toward Washington, D.C., for leadership. Unfortunately, the president-elect does not view climate change as a serious threat.

If we can’t look toward Washington then we must look closer to home. As such, we need to call on the Ohio Senate to reject House Bill 554, which will slow clean energy job growth, harm public health, and continue to put Ohio on the wrong track for progress. The fact of the matter is clean, renewable energy such as solar and wind is better for our health and for our finances.

According to the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, the cost of meeting our state’s clean energy standards were significantly lower than believed. While market costs for power generated from solar and wind sources have decreased significantly in recent years, costs for power from fossil fuels like coal have gone up.

Lorain County and Northeast Ohio can be a true leader in clean energy manufacturing and sustainable policies, but we need Columbus to unleash clean energy’s potential instead of creating an atmosphere of uncertainty. Our state leaders should prioritize public health, consumer benefits, and environmental protection and get serious about Ohio’s clean energy potential.

Please contact your state representatives and senators and urge them to do what is right for Lorain County and the country.

Brian Dembinski