Mayor endorses school bond issue

To the editor:

I am proud that I have been a resident of Amherst for the past 27 years. Cheryl and I have raised two children here that graduated from Marion L. Steele High School. Many fine Amherst students and graduates of Amherst have worked for us at Amherst Cinema. I witness every day what a sense of community, family values, and excellent schools do to keep Amherst a place where we all want to live and raise our families.

I am impressed with the plan that the Amherst Schools administration has developed to consolidate buildings, construct a new elementary school, and make much needed upgrades to the remaining buildings, all without raising taxes! As mayor and a businessman, I appreciate the effort the Amherst Schools have undertaken to ensure that our children have the best learning opportunity to become successful and productive adults.

Please join me in support of Issue 21.

Mark Costilow

Mayor of Amherst