Can’t be proud of that

To the editor:

I see all these signs along Cleveland Avenue each Friday proclaiming “Comet Pride.”

So I figured I would find out what it was all about. I went to the Avon Lake versus Amherst football game. It used to be “the game” for the Southwestern Conference. The winner was usually conference champion.

Twice in the first half, the Amherst Comets only had 10 players on the field, can’t be proud of that. Later, the Comets jumped off sides on three consecutive plays, can’t be proud of that. Later in the first half, the Comets got a first down, their first of the game with only 45 seconds to go before halftime, can’t be proud of that.

At halftime, the band was wonderful.

The football game was never close. Avon Lake won by a couple of touchdowns. I got to realize while talking with other Comets fans that Amherst has not beaten Avon Lake this century! now there is something to be proud of.

Bruce Ramey