Community value rises with schools’ value

To the editor:

Issue 21 is important for both our students and our and community. Our community’s value can be raised or lowered by the quality of our schools, and Issue 21 will help ensure that the quality of our schools stays high.

At this stage it is not cost-effective to continue to repair out-of-date buildings so we need new construction that utilizes advanced technology that will cost us less to maintain in the long run. We can pass Issue 21 and receive 45 percent of the funding for the proposed project without raising our taxes. The project will build a new prekindergarten-through third grade elementary school building that will meet the current standards for safety, security, and accessibility and will also fund necessary repairs/upgrades to the HVAC systems at Steele High School and Nord Middle School. We will then have only four buildings to maintain, helping to keep our district right-sized and running efficiently while saving around $500,000 per year in operating costs.

Issue 21 will not raise taxes and will save our community money. I hope you will join me in voting yes for Issue 21 because it just makes sense.

Kevin Lacey