Issue 21 makes sense

To the editor:

Issue 21 is a community-driven project, designed with both student and community needs in mind.

Last year, I was among a group of 30 members who met to discuss the district’s facility challenges and find the right solution for our entire community. We toured the school buildings, reviewed financial data, and evaluated survey responses. We learned that Powers and Harris are simply not equipped for 21st century education.

Issue 21 addresses these problems — without raising taxes — by building a modern elementary school and upgrading heating and cooling systems at Nord Middle School and Steele High School. Consolidating from five to four buildings will save approximately $500,000 annually and maintain our financial stability through at least 2020 (assuming our operating renewal passes next year). That means Issue 21 will not only keep taxes where they are, but also push requests for new money further into the future.

Issue 21 makes sense! It right-sizes our district, saves money, and won’t raise our taxes. Join me in voting yes for Issue 21 on Nov. 8!

Valerie Neidert