Time to bring back our tax dollars for school

To the editor:

I have been a resident of the Amherst school district my entire life. My family attended Amherst Schools K-12. Our schools provided a quality education for all of us. I recall that the taxpayers soundly supported the school system when I attended. Amherst, for the most part, has always supported its children’s education. Our schools were, and are, ranked highly in the area and statewide.

I attended classes at Powers, Shupe, Central, and Marion L. Steele High School. Powers and Shupe were rather new in my time, having graduated in 1972. However, Shupe has closed and Powers has outlived its usefulness. There are so many issues with Powers and Harris. The state of Ohio has offered 45 percent funding for the construction of a new elementary school as well as the demolition of unusable buildings. Let’s take advantage of money coming back to our town and spend wisely rather than continue to execute costly and repetitive band-aid repairs. The rich history of the Powers name will live on as the namesake of the new Powers Elementary School.

I hope that you will join with me on Election Day in supporting our children’s education by voting for Issue 21!

Charlie Marty