Twp. trustee backs school bond issue

To the editor:

As an Amherst Township trustee, I am so proud of the Amherst Schools. They always find ways to improve efficiency, expand programs, and keep our school tax rate the third lowest in Lorain County. It’s a level of fiscal responsibility you don’t see very often.

That’s why I’m voting for Issue 21 on Nov. 8. The bond issue builds one modern, well-equipped elementary to replace Powers and Harris and upgrades HVAC at Nord and Steele. It also saves $500,000 annually and won’t raise taxes. Issue 21 will maintain the district’s financial stability by eliminating expensive repairs and installing new, energy-efficient systems. Financial stability, in turn, pushes requests for new money farther into the future.

To pay for the project, the district refinanced its existing debt and partnered with the state to bring $14.2 million back to our community.

In return, the schools ask that we extend our current tax rate (which would expire in 2029) for an additional 12 years to 2041. So Issue 21 won’t raise your taxes. A better building for learning that saves money and won’t raise taxes is a good deal for our community, and I am happy to endorse it. Vote for Issue 21 on or before Nov. 8.

Dennis L. Abraham

Amherst Township Trustee