Liberals want to punish success

To the editor:

News-Times columnist Rob Swindell apparently feels his liberally slanted views of our country are an “alternative universe” all people live in. He is incorrect with that assumption.

His attack on Fox News shows he has not been paying attention to how this country has declined over the last 7 1/2 years. What he and his liberal cohorts continue to ignore, and what Fox News addresses, is how being successful does not automatically mean a person will “show off” or “act brashly.” People who view success that way are those who, for some very strange reason, want to punish successful people… those same successful people who hire so many others to improve the economy.

What Fox and Donald Trump are advertising are the things Bill Maher, Chris Matthews, MSNBC, and all liberals work so hard to cover up. What Fox News and Donald Trump want for this country is the respect, safety, and old-fashioned work ethic we used to have. Free-spending Obama and a dishonest Clinton want more freebies and handouts to people who haven’t earned a thing. Who pays for those entitlements? Does Swindell really think that race-relations, crime, and health care are improved now?

If Clinton is elected, we will need to be much more fearful and angry, and Fox News will have much more truthful ammunition to talk about.

Nate Baker