Not safe, not sanitary

To the editor:

My husband graduated from Firelands in 1995 and I am an Elyria High graduate. When we started our family, we wanted to make sure we purchased a home in the Firelands school district.

I now have a fifth-grader that I hate to see go to South Amherst Middle School but I am so passionate about this community that I will do anything I can to help. It is like a family. My youngest will be in kindergarten next year and now more than ever is the time to build a new high school!

As a nurse, first and foremost the safety and sanitation are high on my radar as a mom and an active volunteer in the Firelands school district and the Girl Scouts. South Amherst Middle School is not safe, nor is it sanitary! Between the building crumbling before our eyes on the inside, the sewage in the backyard, and the fact the building is not safe if, God forbid, there were to be a school shooting.

Now more than ever do we need a new school! If you’re reading this, please vote yes for Firelands!

Nikki Beal