Sweda is for 28th Amendment

To the editor:

What do voters in Senate District OH-13 think about getting unlimited and hidden money out of elections?

Candidate Sharon Sweda supports this issue along with most Americans — Democrats, Republicans, and independents. A recent survey on democracy found that 77 percent agreed that “the laws enacted by our national government these days mostly reflect what powerful special interests and their lobbyists want.” In a political system overpowered by big money, most people feel unrepresented. There is a growing cross-partisan grassroots movement in Ohio and across the country to change this.

American Promise Ohio asked the two candidates for Ohio Senate, District 13 to support the goal of a 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Sharon Sweda agreed to work toward a 28th Amendment resolution as a member of the Ohio Senate, District 13 when she is elected. Candidate Nathan Manning did not respond to emails and telephone calls to discuss American Promise and the effect of money on his election campaign.

Across the country, 19 state legislatures and nearly 800 cities and towns have passed 28th Amendment resolutions with cross-partisan support. Ohio is not one of those states but Sharon Sweda would be a supporter. Our volunteers and allies are working toward electing officials, both Republican and Democrat, who will advocate for these resolutions.

Sharon Sweda stands on the side of financial reform. We think that Ohio Senate District-13 voters do, too. Remember when you vote on Nov. 6, you can vote for reform.

Ellen Greene Bush