Support Firelands Schools’ bond issue

To the editor:

Firelands Schools has a bond issue on the ballot to build a new high school. The proposal will provide our community with a new high school and repurpose the existing high school as the middle school. It will allow our students, teachers, and staff the opportunity to teach and learn in a 21st century environment free of asbestos, leaking roofs, cracked floors, poor air and water quality, and continual repairs that cost the community money. South Amherst Middle School is no longer adequate or safe for our children or the adults that work there. It is 108 years old and has surpassed the typical life expectancy for schools buildings in Ohio.

Supporting the bond issue will provide our students, teachers, and staff a safe and secure learning environment, Americans with Disabilities Act compliance, and up-to-date electric to support today’s technology needs. These opportunities will allow our children to receive a top-notch educational experience to support the growing global needs they will face post high school. Supporting the bond issue will positively impact our communities and strengthen the local economy.

As a community member, parent, and alumni of Firelands Schools, I sincerely ask for your support of the Firelands Schools’ bond issue. The Firelands community needs this now more than ever. Our children, teachers, and community deserve better and together we can make it possible for them. Now is the time to vote for Firelands Schools.

Denise Blatt