Supreme Court props up discrimination

To the editor:

Travel bans on people from another country are, on their face, “prima facie” in legalspeak, obvious wrongful discrimination. Why? Because people have no more control over where they are born than over the shape of their anatomy or the color patterns of their skin. Since the president is not above the law and must not do wrongful discrimination, the president may not make such a blanket discriminatory ban based on country.

Stereotyping and banning people based on birthplace is unjust discrimination in its purest, most obvious form.

Religion is not the issue; discrimination based on birthplace is the issue. The Supreme Court should have focused on this as their central issue.

Furthermore, restricting travel among family members, and people in general, based on country-of-travel, is a violation of the First Amendment freedom of association.

Aliza Weidenbaum