Decision yielded pleasant outcomes

To the editor:

Many unknowns existed when my family placed a Western Reserve Land Conservancy conservation easement on our Historic Shupe homestead Amherst property in 2008. A decade later, known outcomes, such as the fact that the natural resources of the property would be conserved, remain. However, unknown positive attributes of that decision have pleasantly occurred.

Our family’s conserved property of mature forested riparian land has acted as a crucial “anchor property” of a block of now more than 50 acres of protected natural resources along Beaver Creek and its tributaries. This includes generous donations by the Campana and Hollstein families in what is part of the Mercy Rec Center and recently-created Beaver Creek trail extension.

At the time an impactful decision is made, it is difficult to appreciate how that decision will create ripples into the future, possibly aiding in facilitating further positive outcomes. It began with a vision, making choices, planning for the future, and ultimately making sacrifices. It is clear that one decision can have lasting impacts.

Matthew W. Nahorn