Divisions hurt us all

To the editor:

Most of us in this part of Ohio root for the Cavs, Browns, and Indians. Most people in New York, California, Texas, and Boston, root for their local teams. All year long there is a healthy exchange among sports fans from various parts of our nation. Occasionally, each area has its moments to brag, though some areas seem to be a lot more favored than others.

The division of opinions or the siding with this or that team has many advantages to a thriving nation. But there should never be any division among us as a people, a nation, as far as ensuring that the poor, especially, but also others receive excellent health care, get a fine education, have good jobs, decent homes, feel safe, and are hopeful about the future. Very few of us can be superstars on professional teams or outstanding artists or musicians. But we can play even more important roles just by challenging all politicians to focus far more on what unites us than on what divides us. God has imbued us with a desire to keep having children; and he perhaps has given us children because it is during their first six years that it is easiest to inculcate into them the values, attitudes, and insights to face a challenging world.

We should hope and pray that President Donald Trump will begin working to unite us. But we must spend far more of our time and energy on focusing on the small but most significant things that made and make us a great nation. Surely, there will be debate about how to proceed on this undertaking. But the basic goals that are nowhere in sight are the very ones on which there must be all the focus. Trump’s base is itself suffering. Let our efforts be to join with them to ensure that our core values and needs are forever protected.

Booker C. Peek