Support for Bradley as judge

To the editor:

I’ve known Jack Bradley for many years. I taught his daughter… I call him a friend. If you know me, you know how much I loved and love my students. I want them to know they have advocates. I want them to know they have value. Jack Bradley wants that for them, too.

Jack will be the change that anyone who loves children, teens, and families wants in our community. His lifetime of service and experience is positive proof that Jack Bradley is an invaluable asset to all of us. His commitment to young people will give them opportunities to grow and feel valued. Jack will be instrumental in helping young people achieve their potential and make fine, good, significant changes in their lives.

With the sad challenges young people face today including the opioid epidemic, rising fear and intolerance, and the pressures many of them endure because of poverty and fractured families, don’t we owe them the best chance to be healthy, positive, happy, and wise adults some day?

Please join me in voting for a man of commitment, integrity, and generosity of spirit. Vote for Jack W. Bradley on May 8 for domestic relations and juvenile judge.

Nanette J. Mahony