Hard work didn’t go unnoticed

To the editor:

On behalf of me, my family, the employees of both my businesses, and the rest of the city, I just want to thank Amherst’s mayor, management team, and civil servants (police, firefighters, and city staff) all for the great work and extra effort in the March 7 power outage.

Their emergency procedures helped keep the city safe and make us feel like there was still a sense of direction and structure in a time of uncertainty and confusion for the whole area, from the stop signs being set up where street lights were out at important intersections to the Amherst police and firefighters personally directing traffic in the cold and blowing snow. Another thing that I do not want to go unnoticed is how the police, fire crew, and city workers all went around to help and check on the residents at their homes who called in for help whether it be unlocking garages or taking care of medical needs. There was also a lot of behind-the-scenes extra work going on to keep the city running while still working to get the power back on and people’s homes warm and safe again. The conditions were less than ideal for such a terrible situation but the city came together and the mayor took control to make sure everyone and everything was taken care of.

A level head in a tough situation is something to be thankful for as everything worked out and people started to get their electric back on before it became truly dangerous through the night. Thank you again to the mayor, police chief, fire chief, and the rest of the city staff — we truly appreciate their hard work and dedication to this city. It does not go unnoticed!

Darrell and Denise McCarty

Olde Town Pizza crew and Dairy Mart staff