Trump, conservatives aren’t racists

To the editor:

More blame and unwarranted complaining must be part of that “soup” Rob Swindell writes about. He, like many other liberals, continue the nit-picking and false assertions towards our president as the sour grapes ferment uncontrollably.

Swindell claims that the liberals are all about “kindness and respect” when, in fact, liberal opposition at the conservative gatherings we read about are violent and hardly kind. He insists on labeling President Donald Trump, Fox News, and conservatives in general as “racists,” “liars,” and “moral sludge,” and then has the audacity to accuse Trump of name-calling. I guess he is still clueless to the liberal double standard he exemplifies with Hillary Clinton as the poster child.

It is getting old and just plain inaccurate to say that President Trump supports white supremacy or any kind of racism whatsoever. Writers like Swindell enjoy making those accusations and have absolutely no firm evidence to back it up. But we’ll wait. Go ahead and name the day and event where he clearly announced support of any hate group of any kind.

The election was almost a year ago but the whining continues. We can only hope President Trump ends political correctness and brings back American nationalism and capitalism that we totally lost over the previous eight years. It will come slowly, but America will be great again if the liberal roadblock gets out of the way.

Nate Baker