Be willing to pay for the things we all need

Here’s a hot take: Taxes are a good thing.

Sure, we all want nice cars, new clothes, boats, and season tickets to watch the Indians play. Keeping our eyes on the things we want makes it easy to take for granted the things we need. We wouldn’t get very far without highways, pure foods, firefighters, and men and women who have sworn to enforce our laws.

Very few of us are mechanics anymore. Modern cars are complicated electronics devices as much as they are pistons and pipes. So we need trained mechanics — which is why it makes sense to fund the Lorain County JVS’ operating money renewal another five years. The school turns out plumbers, HVAC experts, cosmeticians, people who can raise buildings and craft furniture and write the software that we depend on.

And so we endorse Issue 26 on your ballot (all across Lorain County).

Who reads books these days? We do, and you should too — which is why it makes sense to fund the Herrick Memorial Library’s renewal and increase for five years. And libraries aren’t just about books. Sure, they warehouse thousands of years of knowledge and culture, but they are also cornerstones of our communities, providing safe spaces for children, helping those seeking employment, guiding those seeking their family roots through genealogy resources, and offering myriad ways for people to come together to interact and grow.

And so we endorse Issue 25 on your ballot (in southern Lorain County).

If we asked you to trade in your 2000 Buick LeSabre for a brand new sedan and promised it wouldn’t raise your monthly household bills, would you do it? We would too. The Amherst Schools are asking voters for the same kind of investment in a new PK-3 building, replacing its rusted-out “Buicks” of Harris and Powers elementaries. To keep the metaphor rolling, the ol’ girl’s had her muffler replaced three times, its brakes are nubs, the transmission is falling out, and the whole thing creaks and rocks when it hits 30 mph. The state has agreed to pick up $14.5 million (nearly half the total price tag) for construction of a new building if local taxpayers will just extend the bond issue already on the books for Amherst Junior High another 12 years — making the trade-in virtually free.

And so we endorse Issue 21 on your ballot (in the Amherst school system).

The role of government isn’t just to sit around tables making lists of dos and don’ts. It’s also to provide for the people’s needs when scalability makes it impossible for the people to do it themselves, whether we’re talking about funding the coroner’s office, wide-scale drug addiction services, or tuberculosis treatment.

Taxes are a good thing. In fact, there is not one appearing on ballots in our papers’ areas that we find disagreeable, unnecessary, unjust, overreaching, or too expensive. We believe they are modest and prudent.

Lorain County has its faults, but cooking up pork is not among them. We’ve watched as the county has pulled back its services time and again, cutting fat and then muscle.

The last thing we want is to cut to the bone.