Issue 21 rewards the community

To the editor:

Issue 21, the Amherst Schools bond issue, is a move in the right direction for the city of Amherst. Our city has so much to offer, such as a safe, comfortable, great place to live, great places to eat, and a wonderful school district that has gotten better with a strong partnership with Lorain County Community College, allowing students to enter college with transferable credits. We do that better than anyone else in Lorain County.

The next step is to make Amherst attractive to new residents. We need to pass Issue 21. Issue 21 will allow us to take the next step by upgrading our facilities to be more competitive with surrounding communities. Issue 21 rewards our teachers, students, and parents by building a new pre-kindergarten through third grade school. Issue 21 rewards the community by reducing operating repairs and costs. It puts air conditioning in the high school and Nord Middle School. Everyone wins and there is no tax increase.

I’m voting yes on Issue 21 and strongly encourage others to do the same.

Chuck Winiarski

Amherst City Council, 3rd Ward