Response to columnist’s Supreme Court column

To the editor:

The periodic opinion column authored by Rob Swindell is nothing more than a painful, liberally-slanted infestation of nonsense, similar to what we’ve been hearing from the White House for the last seven years.

Swindell clearly wants to sway the Supreme Court with the new justice appointment so it is a liberal decision-making body. For Swindell to say that Justice Antonin Scalia made decisions that were “outdated” and “blatantly offensive” shows his one-sided, unbalance leanings regarding all issues.

Does Swindell really believe that if a Republican were in the Oval Office that the Democrats wouldn’t be, as he accuses the Republicans to be, “defiant bullies” and “spoiled children” regarding when the new appointment should be made? Heaven forbid he use common sense and realize that with a new president on the horizon and, thank goodness, no more Obama, the Supreme Court vacancy can be filled by the new president’s choice. Swindell’s typical liberal “my way or the highway,” anti-conservative attitude is getting old. C’mon News-Times, you can do better than him.

Nate Baker