Burge’s character called into question

To the editor:

I have two comments on the upcoming primary election for judge in the Lorain County Court of Common Pleas.

First, it has long been a tradition in this county that a sitting judge with a good record runs unopposed. This assures that we have a continuing judiciary of proven high quality. Jim Burge is so desperate to regain a seat in the court that he is running against Chris Rothgery, a sitting judge for 12 years who has earned a “highly recommended” rating from the Lorain County Bar Association.

Second, being a good judge has a lot to do with the individual’s temperament and character. Citizens really want a judge who is even-handed, does not take sides, and who does not get personally involved in the cases before him. Chris Rothgery has shown over the last 12 years that he has those attributes, while Jim Burge has repeatedly shown himself to lack them, as evidenced by his “not recommended” rating from the attorneys of this county.

Ask yourself, do you want a judge who has proven himself to be honest, fair, and even-handed, or a man whose record shows he has taken sides in cases, fought with the prosecutor’s office and staff, and has been convicted of crimes?

Join me in voting to re-elect judge Chris Rothgery.

Gerald W. Crum