Berki has the right character to be judge

To the editor:

Lorain County needs Jenifer Berki as a judge. She is one of the most qualified candidates I have seen run for judge.

As a candidate, she reached out to me for help, which says a lot to me. I look at her and I see a good lawyer who passionately represents her clients, a devoted wife and mother, and a woman who is more than qualified to be domestic relations judge. Out of everything, she offered to mentor me and help me out with law school admittance, which speaks volumes about her character and her devotion to the law to help out an up-and-coming law student.

To be a domestic relations judge you need to be a special kind of person, someone who understands the practice of family law, someone who needs to fundamentally understand the problems of people coming into the court room to make fair and accurate decisions, and Jenifer’s accolades as an attorney have given her the skills necessary to render proper decisions as a judge.

Jenifer has become a friend and mentor to me, and my observations of her in her practice as an attorney as well as her devotion to her family have led me to believe she is the best and only choice for domestic relations judge. When you walk into your place of polling on March 15, I ask you to vote Berki for judge.

Jeremy Noll