Glass gets support for domestic relations court seat

To the editor:

All too often, candidates seeking a public office ask for endorsements based upon their political party affiliation and casual friendships. Support for a candidate should be based upon proven qualifications, character, and experience. It is important to offer support genuine in intent. Endorsement of someone’s candidacy without having clear knowledge as to the person’s integrity, work ethic, and competency is superficial.

Sherry Glass is a candidate for judge with the Lorain County Domestic Relations Court in the 2016 Democratic primary. Sherry Glass’ education and work experience will be detailed in her published profile that will include 18 years experience as an assistant Lorain County prosecutor. Her successful career in the prosecutor’s office is well-documented and her support from those in that office and law enforcement is self-evident. My endorsement of Sherry Glass for judge with the Lorain County Domestic Relations Court is based upon how she developed those qualities that make her uniquely qualified for that position.

Sherry Glass’ successful career is not the result of important family connections or easily provided financial support. Sherry grew up in South Lorain, attended public schools, and worked to help support herself at an early age. She at a young age started a family but Sherry never lost sight of her goal to finish undergraduate school and obtain her law degree. In fact, Sherry, as a single mom along with her infant son, lived in Athens, Ohio, while she attended and graduated from Ohio University. Her ability to raise children and complete her education is a testimony to her strong character and work ethic. While other candidates for the position claim to understand the difficulties related to the issues that are associated with being a judge in the Lorain County Domestic Relations Court, Sherry Glass has a personal understanding of those problems. Divorce, being a single parent, and the need for child support were life’s hard lessons that she experienced and survived.

I have known Sherry for many years and I am confident that she would make an excellent judge. It is a privilege to be asked to offer my endorsement.

Geno Taliano