Kukucka’s proven he has what it takes to lead

To the editor:

David Kukucka is the best candidate to lead our city of Amherst as our next mayor. Dave has the essential leadership abilities that are required to be an excellent mayor. His 20 years of serving our city of Amherst in leadership positions makes him by far the most qualified candidate to lead our city at this time.

I had the privilege of working with Dave for six years when I served on city council, and he served our city as our auditor. As auditor, Dave is responsible to keep our city’s finances stable and in check. He always provided informative and accurate reports and alerted us about ways that the city could save money and ways for us to finance the quality of services that our citizens deserve. Dave’s diligence and professionalism showed through his work. Dave received the Ohio Auditor of State Award for Distinction for eight years. Only five percent of the auditors in the State of Ohio receive this distinction.

Dave also always demonstrates honesty, good humor, and warmth in working with our fellow citizens and with the other members of the administration and with the members of city council. His leadership style as mayor will be open and honest with information, open to new ideas, fiscally conservative, and providing strong leadership and vision for a vital future for Amherst. At this time, Amherst requires a strong person who will diligently make sure that our city’s essential services are provided to our citizens, that our city’s finances are sound, and that our city’s services are provided in the most economical and effective manner.

Dave Kukucka has these essential qualities. Dave has been elected five successive times to Amherst city council, and three additional times as our city auditor. These eight successive elections show the high regard that we as citizens have for Dave Kukucka’s leadership. He has earned the right to be our next mayor. Let’s all join together to vote for Dave one more time, to be our next mayor, to provide the proven diligence, leadership, and vision to keep our city great.

The Rev. P. William VanderWyden