Former safety-service director endorses Kukucka

To the editor:

Now is the perfect time for the residents of Amherst to decide if our fine community will move forward in the next four years or continue as status quo. David Kukucka has served Amherst well as councilman and auditor. His experience, commitment and integrity along with his passion for serving his fellow citizens have demonstrated his ability to serve as our mayor.

As a former safety-service director in Amherst, I know the office of mayor demands undivided attention and around-the-clock availability. Amherst needs someone who is committed to our residents, our professionals, our schools, our businesses, and certainly our general well-being.

Every business needs a good leader and the business of government needs David Kukucka. Please join me in voting for and electing David as the mayor of Amherst.

Sherrill “Cookie” McLoda

Former Amherst Safety-Service Director