Medical yes, recreational no

To the editor:

True debate surrounding Issue 3 has been scant and largely absent from discussion on this topic. This issue ought to be split into two separate points.

It is unfortunate that this particular issue lumps together two separate pieces — that is, legalizing medical and recreational use of marijuana. Legitimate and important medical usage of marijuana exist, something that could ideally be supported. The other half of the issue cleverly includes legalizing the drug for personal and recreational use. This is something that should not be supported. By lumping these two important topics together, voters must make a tough decision. We ought to be able to vote for each topic individually.

After much thought and deliberation, I will be unable to support Issue 3. Unfortunately the medical side of this issue will be the true loser in this campaign, because those who proposed Issue 3 have added an unnecessary aspect to the issue. We should not legalize use of a substance that will easily further our drug culture. Besides already having to deal with drunk driving, legalization will provide more opportunities for “drugged driving.” We must understand the ramifications of legalizing a drug for recreational use and taxing it — with that thought process, anything might be legalized and taxed in the name of tax revenue production. Please join me in voting no on Issue 3.

Matthew W. Nahorn