20 years of experience is the case for Kukucka

To the editor:

I am writing this letter to ask you to join me and my family to vote on Nov. 3 to elect David Kukucka our next mayor for the city of Amherst.

I have observed the loyalty and dedication of Mr. Kukucka’s 10 years on city council and the last 10 years as our city auditor. His dedication to family, community, and civic involvement has proven his leadership for our city to continue to move forward. During his 10 years on council he served as chairman of finance, ordinance, streets, and community development committees to maintain and help improve the quality of the city and citizens of Amherst.

Mr. Kukucka is now and has been for the last 10 years serving as our city auditor with “steward of distinction.”

All citizens of Amherst deserve to have such a dedicated and experienced public servant with expertise of financial/business sense to continue to work for Amherst to be a stable and a viable community.

Mr. Kukucka has continued to successfully work exceptionally well with city administration, president of council, Amherst city council and committee members, and city departments.

My family and I strongly believe that Mr. Kukucka will continue to serve with honesty, integrity, commitment, and fairness for the citizens of Amherst.

Again, please remember on Nov. 3 to support and vote to elect David Kukucka our next mayor for the city of Amherst.

Leon Urbin