Costilow’s dedication to Amherst shines

To the editor:

I knew about Mark Costilow and his accomplishments long before I actually met him. Mark is a world renowned wildfowl decoy carver whose talent in this craft is known worldwide. Being an amateur wildfowl carver myself, I had both seen and read about Mark’s master craftsmanship in wildfowl carving.

I was very pleased to meet Mark about eight years ago when he was an Amherst city councilman. Over the years that followed I got to see first-hand how dedicated Mark was and remains to the city of Amherst.

He has built the Amherst Cinema into a well known and successful business. Further, he was a fine councilman and he has done an exemplary job as our safety-service director.

Mark Costilow is by far the best choice to be Amherst’s next mayor! Please join with me on Nov. 3 and vote for Mark Costilow for mayor of Amherst.

Burt Vilagi