Worker says Costilow is a knowledgeable role model

To the editor:

Mark Costilow hired me seven years ago at the Amherst Cinema. Over that period, Mark has been not only a great boss, but also a wonderful mentor. About two years ago, he promoted me to manager of the cinema.

Mark’s been incredibly kind to me since I started. He’s been patient in teaching me to work efficiently and has gone out of his way to work around my college schedule. He makes everyone here feel like a part of the family. He’s also extremely knowledgeable. Mark knows every detail about how the cinema works, and thanks to all of his experience as safety-service director, he’s developed a deep understanding of the inner workings of Amherst as well.

Mark Costilow has been a fantastic role model. He is honest, hardworking, and his integrity is beyond reproach. He will make an excellent mayor for the city of Amherst. I ask you to join me and vote Mark Costilow for mayor on Nov. 3!

William Mitchell