Losing is less important than memories

To the editor:

I am a 50 year old man. I love the fall. I especially love football. I follow high school football at times more than the NFL or NCAA.

Thirty-two years ago I played football for the Amherst Comets. During my three years on varsity,1980-1982, we were 5-22-1. I was an integral part of watching from the bench, but a passionate bench rider.

Now the Amherst football team is again losing more than they win. I feel bad for the team. But I am not going to say losing is OK or “It is how you play the game.”

I just want to say that the memories that the players will have, aside from the losing, will hopefully be priceless.

I still recall two-a-days, the stinky locker room or tough shack (yeah right), singing along to a crappy radio that was set on WMMS, and my very last football game.

It was against Clearview. We were in the Lakeland Conference. It was an away game and we got beat. But I recall vividly how I felt on the bus ride back to Steele and changing in the locker room. There would be no film study on Monday or ever again. There would be no laughter,no singing “Born to Run” with The Boss, no pre-game taping — just memories. I walked home that Friday, alone with my thoughts as the leaves of fall rustled away along with some of my best moments in high school.

So yes, losing sucks. Football, your coaches, teammates, and memories will hopefully always shine. Go Comets!

Richard Lence