‘Kukucka is the most qualified candidate’

To the editor:

Dave Kukucka is running for the position of mayor of the city of Amherst. I want to say with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I whole-heartedly support Dave Kukucka as our next Amherst mayor.

I wish for Amherstonians to take a closer look at Dave Kukucka and why he is the best choice and the only choice that makes sense for the city of Amherst. This is just one example: Dave Kukucka has over 20 years of experience combined as a councilman and currently as Amherst auditor. Dave received the Ohio Auditor of State Award of distinction for eight years. This award is given to fewer than 5 percent of cities in Ohio.

Your vote for Dave Kukucka — who is the most qualified man to run for mayor of the city of Amherst that I have ever known — is the right thing to do. Dave Kukucka possesses the qualities of a good leader and will represent our city with great honor.

The next mayor for our city should be and needs to be Dave Kukucka.

Sally Cornwell

Former administrative assistant to mayor John Higgins