Police: Keep bus stop rules in mind

Staff Report

Amherst police are asking drivers not to park within 30 feet of stop signs where school buses pick up and drop off students.

In a public service announcement on Facebook, chief Joseph Kucirek said his department receives complaints several times each year about people who park too close to intersections while waiting for buses. The result can be ingress and egress problems for other vehicles.

“In fact, residents have requested the city install “no parking here to corner” signs on their streets(s) to help solve the problem. Unfortunately the city cannot do that at every intersection where a bus stops to pick up or drop off,” the chief wrote.

“While we understand the desire of parents to minimize the walking distance for their children from car to bus, it is important to balance that with the safety and convenience to other traffic.”

There is an ordinance on the books in Amherst requiring the 30-foot clearance around stop signs. Following the law will allow the free movement of other traffic and not create a hazardous condition for others, Kucirek said.

Staff Report