Man allegedly guns down Lorain woman, takes own life

A man who allegedly shot and killed a woman outside of an apartment complex in Lorain and then took his own life the following day has been identified by the Lorain police.

Jeffrey Shindler, 55, of Amherst Township, is the man believed to be shown on surveillance footage shooting Kristen Malinowski, 24, of Lorain, just after 11:30 p.m. Saturday.

Malinowski was pronounced dead at the scene, an apartment complex near the corner of Oberlin Avenue and Tower Boulevard.

The footage led to a search warrant for Shindler’s home, which was carried out at approximately 2 p.m. Sunday. When the suspect realized what was happening, he ran to his garage and took his own life with the same gun used to kill Malinowski, police said.

At a press conference Monday, police showed the surveillance footage. A man can be seen firing a gun at Malinowski before she and the attacker run out of view.

It is suspected that Schinder and Malinowski had known each other for an extended amount of time, but exactly how long or the nature of their relationship have not been determined.

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By Jonathan Delozier